Wood Pellets & Biomass

Allied has extensive experience in collecting and converting waste wood into wood pellets.  Expertise with combustible dust is a must.  Allied is well versed in all NFPA requirements for dealing with combustible dust.

Wood Pellet Manufacturing

Wood pellets have become an efficient way of processing waste wood. By drying and compressing the sawdust and shavings into pellets, a fuel with high heat value can be made. Wood pellets are shipped in bulk to be used in industry and in utility power plants or sold in bags for home use. Allied has extensive experience in the pellet manufacturing process. Our expertise includes material conveying, drying and energy systems and dust collection systems for the entire pellet processing plant.

Sludge Drying

Sludge from paper making and de-inking processes can be efficiently used as a fuel in the energy system of the paper mill if properly dried to improve the energy content. Allied offers complete sludge drying process with rotary dryers and wet precipitators with engineering, supply and installation services

Waste Wood Combustion Systems

Allied can supply the turn key system for waste wood combustion system burning sawdust and bark created in a sawmill. Heat can be used for the lumber kilns, for drying wood material or generating electricity. Two technologies are available for waste wood combustion. Saxlund reciprocating grates are ideally suited for wet fuel and suspension burners are used for dry fuel.


Collected dry dust and other waste can be pressed into various shapes of briquettes for easy handling, economic transportation and clean, safe and efficient burning in industrial furnaces or as domestic firewood. In co-operation with Briquetting Systems, Allied offers complete briquetting packages, including dust and residue collecting systems, material feeding and briquetting equipment.

Allied Blower
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