Remanufacturing Lumber Plants

For various remanufacturing processes, molding plants, finger jointing, I-beam plants, furniture manufacturing, cabinet making and many others Allied supplies complete plant wide systems for dust and fume controls:

  • Dust extraction at various work centers, plant wide ducting systems, cyclone and baghouse separators
  • Low and high pressure pneumatic conveying systems
  • Storage and waste material bins
  • Painting booths
  • Exhaust fume purifications systems, RTO, RCO
  • Thermowood lumber heat treatment kilns with TekmaWood system

Customers and Projects

Allied systems are in operation in many remanufacturing plants:

  • TSW Laminating
  • Posture Beauty
  • Larrivee Guitar
  • Modern Pacific
  • Merritt Kitchen
  • Kootenay Innovated Wood
  • TJ –Weyerhaeuser
  • West Fraser and many others
Allied Blower
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