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Allied Blower offers a wide range of services, turnkey systems and a line of products with proven technology. We specialize in air systems for industrial process operations. Both HVAC and removing dust, fumes and residues from industrial processes, pneumatic conveying of materials and handling of waste. Our air cleaning systems remove particulates and pollutants from airflow to ensure compliance with environmental requirements.

We manufacture equipment in our shops and install in our customers’ facilities. We also have in-house engineering expertise to design customized systems for your specific requirements. Our field service teams maintain and repair the systems in normal use and in emergency situations.

Allied Blower’s products and services include the following:

Dust Control   Industrial Ventilation
Centrifugal Fans
Baghouse Filters
Airlocks and Feeders
Hoods and Ducting Components
Rotary Car Dumps
Make-up Air
Process Ventilation
Motor & Electrical Cooling
Pneumatic Conveying   Waste Wood Processing
Blower Packages
Diverter Valves
Discharge Devices
Unloading Devices
  Waste Conveying and Storing
Wood Pellet Manufacturing
Sludge Drying
Waste Wood Combustion Systems
Service & Repair   Filter Bags & Parts
Project Manager Services
Blower and Feeder Repair and Exchange
Emergency Services
Baghouse Services
Environmental Services
  Filter Bags
Baghouse Parts
GreCon Systems and Parts
Spark Detect and Arrest   Gas Cleaning, VOC Control
GreCon Systems
Abort Gates
  Thermal Oxidation
Adsorption Wheels
Electrostatic Precipitators
Catalytic Gas Treatment

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